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SirLondon Fine Boutique is an exposition and shop website offering illustrations prints (posters, canvas ...), with the goal to promote talented artists. We only work with highly skilled illustrators and most of the illustration work we offer are original and exclusive for SirLondon Fine Boutique.

After some years working in hte video-games industry, I decided to try a new adventure in a domain I love : drawing and illustration. I worked 3 years with the Mangapop group whose goal is to promote pop-culture japanese and french illustration, and encourage sharing between those countries. One of the activities of the group was selling prints during festivals such as the Japan Expo or Polymanga.

At that time I loved to work with the authors and publishing their works. Unfortunately, the group did not evolve as planned. Still I wanted to continue working with authors and so I decided to create SirLondon Fine Boutique. I hope you'll like the shop and the authors works !


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